Enamelled Ewer or Cloisonne Enamel

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Mīnākārī (Persian: میناکاری‎), is the process of painting, coloring and even curving the surfaces of metals (usually copper) and ceramic tiles through enameling. It is practiced as an art form and commercially produced mainly in Iran, Pakistan, and India. This art usually involves intricate designs (mainly using geometric shapes and designs) and is applied as a decorative feature to serving dishes, containers, vases, frames, display ornaments and jewelry.

These dishes have hard surfaces that cannot be damaged easily. The metal (usually copper) is shaped, painted with a base color (usually white) and placed in a kiln. After the first step, the dishes are painted with the primary color and places in the kiln again. In the final step, the artist paints patterns and motives on the dish and places is in the kiln again to complete the process.

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