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About us

Caravanserai was established on March 27th, 2013, as an additional unit to our traveling agency Perzepolis. Throughout our various trips, we were inspired by the works of talented local artists we came across. Craft masters, whose works uniquely reflected their esthetic styles and artistic identity.

We were motivated to share their personal experiences of inherited culture and enduring local craftsmanship. Thus, Caravanserai was initially born to help local Iranian designers and artists reach a global audience in an online platform where their handcrafts could be appreciated.

Currently, Caravanserai exhibits works of 11 designers and producers. You can view and purchase artworks that have their identity and origins tracing back to individual stories of their masters.

Our goal is to cultivate and expand this online community by creating respective links with local artists from all over the world, who look to broaden their reach, and whose works deserve their exclusive stage. Caravanserai aims to become an international exhibition of fine arts and handicrafts you can order from your home.

Our work ethic is grounded upon the principles of fair trade. We aim to offer quality items at reasonable pricing. We do not bargain with our artists as works of art are difficult to value. We moderately guide their pricing strategy to be fair and affordable towards our average customer base.

We do not discriminate between our choice of designers and artists based on gender, religion, ethnicity, or any other criteria other than the individuality of their artworks. We do not work with artists with links to forced or unfair labor.

What we offer

Are you looking for an original gift or something that will bring a sense of the Silk Road to your home? On our webshop you can find everything for your home – from unique souvenirs that come to you directly from master workshops throughout the Silk Road. The handicrafts come in a variety of beautiful designs, colors and sizes.  Our main focus is to satisfy our loyal customers and to provide them with the best quality and the most suitable handcrafts.

The name Caravanserai offers several meanings – from inns, resting places, or places where jobs are made.

Company information


The company was registered in the Court Registry at the Commercial Court in Zagreb under number 07/9491.

Share capital in the amount of 20,000 HRK was paid in full.

The board member of the company is Mohammad Reza Fateh Barfjani.

Account number: HR2424840081104324353 at Raiffeisen Bank or HR7623400091110403936 at PBZ

VAT number: 96519977375